ECM Graft® SEM Image
Cartilage cells grown on Porous Microcarrier PMc®
Stromal Cells grown on Dot-Cult®

ExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd.

ECM Graft®

Extracellular Matrix for 3D Cell Culture In Vivo

As many aspects of tissue micro-environment can not be replicated in vitro, in vivo cell culture is necessary at times.

Cell culture in extracellular matrix (ECM) exhibit many in vivo like features that can not be observed in monolayer cultures. 3D growth, long term differentiated function and culture of fastidious cells are typically missed in conventional 2D monolayer culture.

Monolayer cultures in flasks are merely attached cells on rigid plastic surface that are surrounded by liquid medium rich in serum. Both interfaces (plastic and serum) skew cells to rapid multiplication specifically without much consideration toward maintenance of differentiated functions.

With increasing research in cell therapy and tissue engineering, it is likely that a scalable and consistent biomaterial platform will have significant impact through the understanding of cell behaviour during research, and animal trial stages. Systematic study of transplanted cells fate is imperative from regulatory point of view.

There is no biomaterial platform available commercially for tracking, retrieval and analysis of transplanted cells in vivo. ECM Graft® can be used for immobilization of cells during in vivo incubation.

ECM Graft® is consistent with typical in vitro and in vivo cell culture requirements due to customizable ECM mimicry that can be scaled-up for clinical application.

As an enthusiastic customer has expressed “it is fastest way to get a publication”. We guarantee an innovative touch to your research.

Please discuss with our experts your unique cell culture requirements and explore options beyond conventional products.


  1. ECM Graft® is gamma irradiated and available as ready to use package.
  2. ECM Graft® are available in two types of ECM material
    1. Collagen Type I
    2. Amniotic ECM (coming soon)
  3. ECM Graft® disks can be used to graft cultured cells in animals.
  4. ECM Graft® can be used for cell immobilization during in vivo culture.
  5. ECM Graft® is biodegradable in vivo within 6 to 10 weeks.
  6. Transplanted cells cultured in vivo on ECM Analog® scaffold allow eventual retrieval and analysis of grafted cells.
  7. ECM Graft® allows host cells to infiltrate and interact with grafted cells.

ECM Graft® is for research purpose only.

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