ECM Graft® SEM Image
Cartilage cells grown on Porous Microcarrier PMc®
Stromal Cells grown on Dot-Cult®

Welcome to ExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd.

ExCel Matrix has vision to develop innovative 3D cell culture technologies for tissue engineering and strategies to commercialize such technologies.

3D cell culture is about engineering artificial human/ animal tissue equivalents. These engineered tissues have enormous potential to elucidate normal and pathological mechanisms, drug development and replacement of tissues for regenerative medicine.

ExCel Matrix has developed proprietary technologies for routine 3D cell culture requiring no prior training or additional steps than conventional monolayer (2D) cultures.

We offer an innovative 3D cell culture technology to meet complex research needs in most convenient and economical manner.



A Convenient 3D Cell Culture Method


3D Cell Culture for Confocal Microscopy

Porous Microcarrier PMc®

A Biodegradable Microcarrier

ECM Graft®

Extracellular Matrix for 3D Cell Culture In Vivo

Non-Adherent Culture Dish

For Stem Cell and Spheroid Culture